Molasses: Exxxtra Peach

Molasses: Exxxtra Peach

Got a Big Booty already and need a stronger formula for that extra extra oomph?!?

Peach Mo’lasses is HERE! We added a new super ingredient to increase your curve, keep it plumper, make it bigger, and in most cases fill in negative space such as hip dips and cellulite.

Peach Mo’Lasses may also assist plump breast and thighs.

Not intended for pregnant women or person with diabetes.


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For a plumper rump, our Mo'Lasses is to your rescue! It can be used to fill in hip dips and increase breast size and perkiness as well. Extra Peach Mo'Lasses is for those with bigger butts already who may not respond to our Original Mo'Lasses.


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